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ATBP Logo.pngWelcome, Adventurer!This Wiki is dedicated to helping players learn about Cartoon Network's new MOBA, Adventure Time Battle Party!

Feel free to help edit any text-based information and provide strategy and tips at the bottom of the pages.

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ChangelogThe game is regularly updated every few weeks. These are the latest patch notes: Champions
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Bmo portrait.png

Cinnamon Bun


Finn the Human

Finn portrait.png


Fionna portrait.png

Flame Princess

Flame portrait.png


Gunter portrait.png

Hunson Abadeer


Ice King

Iceking portrait.png

Jake the Dog

Jake portrait.png

Earl of Lemongrab

Lemongrab portrait.png

The Lich

Lich portrait.png

Lumpy Space Princess

Lsp portrait.png

Magic Man

Magicman portrait.png


Marceline portrait.png



Peppermint Butler

Peppermintbutler portrait.png

Princess Bubblegum

Princessbubblegum portrait.png

Sir Rattleballs

Rattleballs portrait.png

BackpacksBackpacks are preset loadouts for your character. Every character starts with the Champion's Backpack and can buy more for 350 coins each.