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Peppermint Butler

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Peppermintbutler portrait.png Peppermint Butler
Health 400 (+50)  Attack Damage 50 (+5)  Walk Speed 2.8
Armor 10 (+1) Power Damage 25 (+3) Aggro Range 4
Shield 10 (+1) Attack Speed 1500 Attack Range 2
HP Regen 2 (+1) Crit Chance 0

Peppermint Butler is a melee champion whose main role is fighter and whose secondary role is jinxer.

Powers[edit source]

Icon pepbut passive.png



Peppermint Butler can stand still for 1.75 seconds to go STEALTH. The power lasts until he moves, attacks, or takes damage. He gains bonus healing while STEALTHED (2%/sec.). Upon UNSTEALTHING, he gains crowd control immunity for 2 seconds.

Icon pepbut s1.png


Minty Aura

Peppermint Butler exudes a dense, minty fog for 5 seconds that damages (20 + 20% of Power Damage/sec.) and BLINDS any foes in its area. The BLIND duration depends on the remaining duration of the skill, up to a maximum of 6 seconds, with a minimum of 1 second.

Cooldown: 15.0s

Icon pepbut s2.png


You Rang?

Peppermint Butler dives underground and quickly tunnels to his target location; exploding upward, he damages (50 + 50% of Power Damage) and STUNS (1.5 sec.) nearby foes.

Cooldown: 15.0

Icon pepbut s3.png


Sense Evil

Peppermint Butler uses dark magic to REVEAL hidden foes and becomes a feral fighting machine for 7 seconds. He gains increased Move Speed (40%), Attack Speed (30%), and Attack Damage (30%).

Cooldown: 40.0


Xmas Sweater Pep

Peppermintbutler skin sweater icon.png

1250 coins

Behold! An adorable sweater

Zombie Butler

Peppermintbutler skin zombie icon.png

2500 coins

Zombie Peppermint Butler wants sugaaaar!



Strategy[edit | edit source]

Peppermint Butler is a bruiser style champ, commonly played as a jungler. His ability to lock people down, duel and clear camps, coupled with his high mobility make him both an incredibly dangerous, useful and fun hero.

With Pepbut, you mostly want to use Meta-Science backpack and hard farm the jungle, obviously ganking unsuspecting enemies when you can. When sneak attacking, W onto them for the stun, Q so they can't retaliate and auto them to death, if they are getting away pop your ult and hunt them down.

Worth noting that you can solo Goomonster at level 3 with Pepbut, just pop your ult and hammer away. Move away from his attack that is signaled by a circle appearing on the ground, and when your ult runs out just stun him and Q, and proceed auto'ing. You can also solo Kee-oth at 6 using the same strategy.

PepBut is less commonly used in lanes, stronger in 1v1 lanes rather than 2v2 lanes because of his trading potential a along with low AOE damage. Use Billy's Bag, Techno-Tank, or other common bruiser bags. PepBut is really strong at trading with melee characters due to his highly under-rated blind. Gap close with your stun (or save it for later), pop your ult and mist, dealing tons of damage while they do none to you.

PepBut is rather weak in teamfights due to his low damage to different targets. It's best to stay in the back, intitiate with your stun if you have to, and chase them down with your ult when they run away. Also note that he is fairly weak when falling behind. Although you still do a lot of damage with your ult, falling behind prevents you from getting your defensive stats, making you easy to get chunked. PepBut is also fairly weak against wizards because his blind is not as useful and it's hard for him to get in range without his stun.

You Rang? (W) Can also be used as a shortcut from base to the center altar or jungle: go right between the two health pickups close to the wall and aim as close to the other side as possible. Peppermint Butler will slide the extra distance, popping out at the other side. Can be used to get back into base as well. This synergies with Gunter as you can both rush to the center altar before the enemy team.

Strategy, Spooky Ace Style[edit | edit source]

Ayo imma tell you how to REALLY play pepbut. He's best played with competent teammates, as almost all of his abilities require setting up. Some good teammates are Finn, Lemongrab, Ice King, Lich, and Marceline. I REALLY recommend that you only play him in a 2 or 3 stack, as a good team is absolutely key.

Most characters with a disable can be led into PepBut's, giving you and your team more time to dish out the dmg's. After the stun wears off, some slow on your team is nice (PB, Beemo, Jake, Magic Man, etc.), and it will let you almost certainly get a kill. In the case that they fight back and they're melee autoattackers, you have NOTHING to worry about, just pop your q but do not ult. If they're ranged, they'll likely try to get out of Minty aura, so choose your teammates wisely (slows & stuns!). If they're a spellcaster, they won't care about any of this business, so either grab your teammates with a silence (Lemongrab, Magic Man), or a fear (Marcy, LSP), or a charm (Marcy, Lich), and focus most on them.

How to set up ganx like a tru pro... Standing still for 2 seconds will let you go invis and regenerate faster. This can be used as a great ganking tool, if you have the right teammates. Anyone who can run quickly or has a dash can do, and only one teammate should do this at a time. If that teammate is high on health, go jungling together until they're low, then have them display themself to the enemy team so that they chase. This is called baiting and is extremely important for PepBut's Dominance. Once the enemy starts running after them, tell them to turn around and run back to you, using dashes and looking quite desperate. If the enemy is stupid enough, they'll follow behind and likely try to cast some spells or autoattack, and while they're animating, stun and pop your ult and shed them to pieces.

Anti Character Combat:

  • Beemo. Get up in his face with your stun, and wail on him with your ulti before it runs out. With enough practice, you should be able to time this so that as he reflexively tries to stun you, you walk out with increased movespeed, then go back to hammering his face. Movespeed is the game, so if he gets his bee off on you, just run.
  • Finn. You are a Finn player's worst nightmare. Walk up to him, press q, win.
  • Fionna. See above. Don't get caught by her slows, time your dash to dodge it.
  • FP. Try to avoid her. She can put out lots of damage with her spells, and hardly relies on autoattacks, which can burn you to a crisp even if she's blinded. Try to let your teammates handle her generally; Silences and other disables work wonders. If you must engage, do so after she uses her hex and you should be fine.
  • Gunter. This really depends on whether he's building AD or AP, but I'll write both here. If he's going AD, get your teammate to get him behind you (you should be in brush or burrowed), and when he dashes away from your teammate, who tries to attack back, pop out and click him to death. Use q if he's fighting back, and use your dash if he's getting away. As long as you put enough damage on him before his dash comes back up, you should be fine. Silences help a lot here as well. Onto wizard Gunter, most of the FP section applies, as well as the AD Gunter section. If he ults, go dark souls on him (punch him in his butt).
  • Ice King. You can melt him by autoing, he's pretty slow without ult, try not to get caught in any of his abilities, so Silences and your ult help lots.
  • Jake. GG EZ KIL. Again, don't get caught by any of his disables and you should be fine. As long as you're not horribly underfed/farmed, you can deal more damage with your ult than he can with his. His bulk is indimidating, but hey, you're pepbut.
  • Lemongrab. He's kinda hard to kill, but if you dodge the blinds and disables, you'll be fine.
  • Liiiiich. Oh god. Lich is one of your main counters, as everything but his ult shuts you down. Let your teammates take this one unless he's stunned or silenced.
  • LSP. Don't get hit by her fear and you're golden.
  • Magic man. Don't get slowed, and you can smash him with your blind + stun + auto combo.
  • Marcy. Dodge her things and smash her. Careful for her ult.
  • Another xXxpr0sc0p3rXx. Use Q, use W. Don't ult unless you know his Q won't go off, or unless you need to run.
  • PB. She's got slows and movey things so try to dodge them. In a 1v1 situation, you can shred her.
  • Rattle-me-balls. If he's going AD, then use this super pro tip: QQ EZ. if he's smart, he'll go AP to counter you, and you need to have him shut down by your team.

Overall, here are the main guidelines:

  • Don't get hit
  • Utilize your team
  • Stay relevant
  • Gank lots
  • Make them fear you as the reaper of souls

ayy lmao

Recommended Backpacks[edit | edit source]

The following build orders have been found to work well with Peppermint Butler; the first part indicates the build order, the second part indicates the end result (assuming all 10 levels have been reached):