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Lumpy Space Princess

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Lsp portrait.png Lumpy Space Princess
Health 350 (+35)  Attack Damage 25 (+2.5)  Walk Speed 3.15
Armor 27 (+2) Power Damage 50 (+4) Aggro Range 8
Shield 27 (+2) Attack Speed 1600 Attack Range 5.75
HP Regen 2 (+1) Crit Chance 0

Lumpy Space Princess is a ranged champion whose main role is wizard and whose secondary role is tank.

Powers[edit source]

Icon lsp passive.png


My Lumps

LSP's Basic Attacks add Lumps (10 max). Lumps are consumed by Buuuumps to heal 3% of her max health for each Lump she has accumulated, up to 30%.

Icon lsp s1.png



LSP fires a lumpy beam blast that damages (10 + 40% of Power Damage) and FEARS (2 sec.) all enemies it hits. Buuuumps also heals LSP for a percentage of her current maximum health based on My Lumps (passive).

Cooldown: 15.0s

Icon lsp s2.png


Hot Bod

LSP forms a super hot cloud around her bod that moves with her and damages (20 + 50% of Power Damage/sec.) enemies caught inside.

Cooldown: 12.0

Icon lsp s3.png


Drama Bomb

LSP winds up and throws her phone across the entire map. It hurts enemies and heals allies in its path (250 + 40% of Power Damage), the amount is reduced by 30% on each subsequent target.

Cooldown: 75.0


Her name is Duchess Gummybuns

Lsp skin gummybuns icon.png

1250 coins


Lumpy Space Prince

Lsp skin lsprince icon.png

2500 coins

Lumpy Space Prince

So smooth, LSP!

Lsp skin smooth icon.png

1250 coins

Smooth Space Princess


Strategy[edit | edit source]

LSP is a great pusher, able to "poke" at enemies with her basic attacks, and keeping the enemy off guard with her Q. LSP has the most movement speed out of all the champions in the entire game, with 3.15. Despite this, she is not a very good chaser. She has no moves that allow her to dash or sprint, and her Q only fears them, which is unreliable as enemies can run unpredictably.

LSP's W, Hot Bod, is useful for clearing minion waves or jungling, as well as for damaging any melee champion who dares to attack you. When activating W, the area around LSP is covered in a purple cloud, which deals constant damage. A good strategy to use when W is active is to also use Buuumps. Buuumps has a charge up time before the skill is activated, and there is a warning before Buuumps is activated. However, Hot Bod will cover most of the warning, so often times your opponents won't even know you have activated Buuumps. My Lumps is a great way to stay on the battlefield without going to find health packs. Be sure to keep notice of LSP's passive stacks throughout the match so that you can maximize its potential when in a fight and low on health.

LSP's ultimate, Drama Bomb, is also an effective tool and can instantly change the tide of any battle. It heals allies and hurts opponents, so using it in a team battle can instantly give your team the advantage over to the enemy. One thing to note is that LSP's Drama Bomb has a huge charge up time, during which the enemy will have often already moved. Therefore, it is important to keep that in mind when activating the power. Note that if you are stunned or silenced during the charge up time, Drama Bomb will still activate. Aiming this power can be a bit tricky. When chasing someone, always aim slightly towards the direction they are heading to ensure a hit.

Recommended Backpacks[edit | edit source]

The following build orders have been found to work well with Lumpy Space Princess; the first part indicates the build order, the second part indicates the end result (assuming all 10 levels have been reached):