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The Lich

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Lich portrait.png The Lich
Health 350 (+50)  Attack Damage 40 (+2)  Walk Speed 2.45
Armor 0 (+1) Power Damage 50 (+3) Aggro Range 1
Shield 30 (+1) Attack Speed 1800 Attack Range 6
HP Regen 2 (+1) Crit Chance 0

The Lich is a ranged champion whose main role is wizard and whose secondary role is trapper.

Powers[edit source]

Icon lich passive.png


Undead Servant

When Undead Servant is ready, any Power used by Lich summons Skully for 20 seconds. Skully will follow the Lich and attack his targets dealing (25 + 0.8 Attack Damage). Any enemies Skully defeats permanently increase Lich's Power Damage by 1.

Icon lich s1.png


Trail of Death

The Lich leaves an unholy trail that damages (20 + 20% of Power Damage/sec.) and SLOWS (30% for 1.5 sec.) any enemies that get caught in the affected area. Enemies KO'd by the trail permanently increase Lich's Power Damage by 1. The Lich gains increased movement speed (+25%) while this skill is active.

Cooldown: 12.0s

Icon lich s2.png


Mind Control

The Lich sends out a ball of dark magic that damages (40 + 40% of Power Damage) and CHARMS (2 sec.) the first enemy it encounters.

Cooldown: 15.0

Icon lich s3.png


Well of Power

The Lich conjures a Well of Power that does extreme damage (50 + 50% of Power Damage/sec) to enemies caught in the area. Lich can press E again to teleport to the center of Well of Power.

Cooldown: 75.0


Skeletal Lich

Lich skin skeleton icon.png

2500 coins

The Lich is even scarier without his robe!

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Lich is a mid-ranged wizard known for turning around teamfights with his charm while being relatively tanky yet slow.

First off, you need to make the choice between power damage and attack damage. Attack damage is better because it allows you to be more of a threat at all times instead of just when your ult is up, which has a pretty long cooldown. Besides, Lich already has high base power damage with minor scaling from your Skully/Q. It is also much better to have your damage spread nicely between auto attacks, Skully attacks and skills. If you're worried about burst, don't be: a relatively close distance W into E + Q is a lot of burst as well. Also, Lich is the best duelist:

  1. Long range CC, which means that you're the one who decides the fight.
  2. Insane base damage from skills.
  3. Teleport and speed boost.
  4. Skeleton does big damage and he does it while you're kiting.

For backpacks, Bella Noche's Knapsack, Champion's Backpack, and Techno-Tank are the obvious choices. Since you don't scale extra with attack speed, breach or crit you don't need any of those and should be looking for a defensive second trinket priority (first is damage). With Bella Noche's Knapsack you can have flat Attack Damage, extra move speed, and a great defensive item in Robo Suit. Techno-Tank gives the same thing but with extra health in exchange for some Attack Damage. On the other hand, Champion's Backpack allows you to build Lich as a glass cannon with lots of damage in exchange for the superior defense and utility of the previous two backpacks.

  • If Jungling with the Lich, make sure that Skully/Q takes the kill for a permanent +1 to Power damage. This will aid greatly in late game enabling you to deal massive spell damage and farm faster.

Recommended Backpacks[edit | edit source]

The following build orders have been found to work well with the Lich; the first part indicates the build order, the second part indicates the end result (assuming all 10 levels have been reached):