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Earl of Lemongrab

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Lemongrab portrait.png Earl of Lemongrab
Health 500 (+40)  Attack Damage 50 (+3)  Walk Speed 3
Armor 10 (+1) Power Damage 20 (+2) Aggro Range 2
Shield 35 (+3) Attack Speed 1500 Attack Range 1.5
HP Regen 2 (+1) Crit Chance 0

Earl of Lemongrab is a melee champion whose main role is jinxer and whose secondary role is tank.

Powers[edit source]

Icon lemongrab passive.png



When Lemongrab is hit by an enemy Champion Power, he gains a stack of UNACCEPTABLE!. Each stack decreases cast time 0.25 seconds and increases the damage and STUN time of DUNGEON! by 10%. Lemongrab can only gain a stack of UNACCEPTABLE! every 2 seconds and will lose a stack after 6 seconds of not being hit by a Power.

Icon lemongrab s1.png


Sound Sword

Lemongrab's magical Sound Sword emits a cone of pure noise which damages (40 + 30% of Power Damage) and SLOWS (40% for 2.5 sec.) opponents.

Cooldown: 10.0s

Icon lemongrab s2.png


My Juice

Lemongrab drops the Lemon Bomb! After a 1.25 second delay, a massive lemon drops on the targeted area. Foes caught in the outer ring are Damaged (60 + 70% of Power Damage) and BLINDED (4 sec.). Any enemy unlucky enough to get caught in the center ring take Damage (90 + 70% of Power Damage), are BLINDED (4 sec.) and are also SILENCED (2 sec.).

Cooldown: 12.0

Icon lemongrab s3.png



After a 1.5 second cast time, Lemongrab summons Lemon Dungeon Cells that damage (100 + 30% of Power Damage) enemies in the target area. Enemy Champions caught in the area are also STUNNED (2 sec.). Damage and duration of DUNGEON! is increased by 10% times Lemongrab's current level of UNACCEPTABLE! (passive).

Cooldown: 45.0


Lemongrab 2

Lemongrab skin 2 icon.png

500 coins

The original Lemongrab 2. Accept no substitutes.

Skivy Lemongrab

Lemongrab skin underwear icon.png

500 coins

This outfit is all PB's fault


Greetings Peasants.

I, Silent Cole Paradox, have been sent from the Earldom to teach how how to play the best initiator in the game, the Earl of Lemongrab. I warn you, that this guide will made you twist your panties, wet your pants, and will rustle your jimmies. Weakling are UNACCEPTABLE here.

1. Why Lemongrab?

Why not? His Q has ~~one of~~ the biggest initiation range in the game, not to mention that he can chain it into another initiation move. His W is a blind and a silence that can easily stop pursing opponents, and his E is an AoE Stun with an insane activation range. This character is easily the best primary/secondary initiator in the game simply because of his numerous amounts of crowd control, and can shut down any character that lacks an instant dash move.

2. Backpacks

Lemongrab NEEDS CDR, Period. Lemongrab builds without CDR will easily get beaten by the two backpacks below.

Techno-Tank (2/4/0/0/4 [Max second and last skill first])

Before tote chamber nerf, I would've considered this the best Lemongrab backpack for team fighting. Move speed and Regen along with 25% CDR made him a tanky and fast opponent on the field. Unfortunately now regen has basically been reduced to the effectiveness of power vamp, I consider it a less tanky and more "high-risk high-reward" alternative to NUWW.

NUWW (0/0/4/4/2)

A reliable tanky backpack with a heaping 40% CDR. This backpack doesn't't have as much chase power as Techno-Tank but has better survivability.

3. Compositions

As good as Lemongrab is, he cannot initiate and do heavy enough damage to kill on his own, so your team composition is important.


  • Gunter- Gunter players have an easier time landing their Ws on slowed enemies, and his E can be chained with Lemon's W for high amounts of damage.
  • Magic Man- Using his E as primary initiation can help enemies waste their escapes, leaving them to be dungeoned by you.
  • Rattleballs- Easily a deadly combo as primary or secondary initiator. He basically fills Magic Man's role with a more aggressive multi-target assault.
  • Flame Princess- A single-target version of Gunter's role. Lemon's Q can easily setup FP for Polymorphs and auto attacks with her passive.

Other characters are mostly mid to low tier in comparison to these 4 when teamed with Lemongrab.

4. Playstyle (Your Role)

At the start of a teamfight, your goal is to simply Q as much people as you can in a quick amount of time. What characters you're up against and what composition they're running decides what you do next.

  • Easy Targets to Capture: BMO, Ice King, Jake, Lemongrab, Lich, Lumpy Space Princess, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum
  • Targets that have escapes to Watch Out For:

Finn, Fionna, Flame Princess, Gunter, Magic Man, Peppermint Butler, Rattleballs

Do not use your E if your opponents still have their dash escapes up. If you have a secondary initiator, threatening with Q + W follow-up has the possibility of making a character use their dash for a secondary initiation like Rattleballs or Magic Man to pursue for a kill. (Warning: Make sure the opponent is pressured when using W, otherwise you may stay in one place too long using it and get counter-initiated or poked to death. If you are up against a composition where all 3 of your opponents have escapes (ex. Gunter, Flame Princess, Magic Man) the best you can probably do is constantly Q your opponents until their dash is baited and hope your team can follow-up on your slows.

Lemongrab doesn't have enough damage to jungle or kill by himself; make sure to spend most of the game together with your teammates. The perks you get at Late-Mid Game (Level 6) depends on what BP you picked

Techno Tank- You're basically the CC Beemo at chasing opponents, dodging CC becomes child's play~~, and your health regenerates like a rocket~~. If you're chasing an opponent, quickly Qing them and getting in range to land an un-stacked dungeon is a powerful maneuver. You'll be able to shut down other opponents using tote chamber or similar move speed skills. Becareful though, because you're not as full-on tank as you could be, and can be bursted down in team fights.

NUWW- The unkillable skill spammer. Chasing for kills isn't effective for your BP, but with your high defenses you are an excellent front liner for your team. This can easily help you keep map control, steal opponent objective/mobs, and survive team fighting. Probably weak against a Techno-Tank Lemongrab with equal skill level.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Earl of Lemongrab is a powerful tank who excels at controlling fights and allowing his team to either chase or get away from certain situations. Sound Sword (Q) is a great tool for making DUNGEON! easier to land, and is also useful for chasing down or running away from a target. It works well with teammates who can combo off the slow, such as Fionna. The slow lasts extremely long, but it is not recommended to use the slow as a primary means damaging an opponent.

Lemongrab should be played as a crowd control tank due to his kit. However, if you like a high-risk/high-reward play style, you can take a power damage backpack to deal a lot of burst damage (do note that stacking your passive will be a bit more difficult). After tanking a bit of damage in a team fight, Lemongrab should have at least 2 stacks of UNACCEPTABLE! which should be used to lock down priority targets on the enemy team with his DUNGEON!. Ideally, a Lemongrab wants to hit everyone with 3 stacks of UNACCEPTABLE! but this can't always be the case. If possible, try to aim DUNGEON! at the enemy assassins, like Finn, Flame Princess, Gunter, and Fionna. Hitting them will stun them, stop them from doing damage, and allow your team to kill them quickly. Also, immediately after using DUNGEON!, My Juice will become very easy to hit. It is a powerful tool to keep assassins blinded even after DUNGEON! expires. Lemongrab can single handedly change the outcome of a fight by landing a good DUNGEON! on the enemy team, and his excellent crowd control is a good addition to any team.

Don't forget to bring earplugs.

Recommended Backpacks[edit | edit source]

The following build orders have been found to work well with Earl of Lemongrab; the first part indicates the build order, the second part indicates the end result (assuming all 10 levels have been reached):