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Ice King

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Iceking portrait.png Ice King
Health 350 (+35)  Attack Damage 20 (+2)  Walk Speed 2.65
Armor 10 (+1) Power Damage 60 (+3) Aggro Range 5
Shield 30 (+1) Attack Speed 1250 Attack Range 5
HP Regen 2 (+1) Crit Chance 0

Ice King is a ranged champion whose main role is wizard and whose secondary role is trapper.

Powers[edit source]

Icon iceking passive.png


Ice Shield

After 10 seconds of not using a Power, Ice King will create an Ice Shield around himself. When active, the next Champion to attack Ice King will break the Ice Shield. If the Ice Shield is broken by a Basic Attack, the attacker will be SLOWED (25% for 2 sec.) and suffer an Attack Speed penalty (33% for 2 sec.).

Icon iceking s1.png


Deep Freeze

Ice King fires an icy projectile that will damage (10 + 25% of Power Damage) the first enemy it hits and encase them in chilling ice shards that ROOT (1.75 sec.) and damages (10 + 25% of Power Damage/sec.) them over time.

Cooldown: 10.0s

Icon iceking s2.png



With a flap of his beard, Ice King bombards an area with gigantic hailstones, damaging (10 + 20% of Power Damage/sec) any foes caught in the targeted area.

Cooldown: 12.0

Icon iceking s3.png


Frosty Doom

Ice King creates a huge ice patch that damages (15 + 11% of Power Damage/sec) enemies caught in the area, and boosts Ice King's speed (100%).

Cooldown: 60.0


Ice Queen

Iceking skin icequeen icon.png

2500 coins

Predator on some dudes with Ice Queen

Young Ice King

Iceking skin young icon.png

1250 coins

The wizard formerly known as Simon Petrikov

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Ice King's strength lies in how well his skills synergize. His Q roots an enemy while his W and E both do lots of DoT. If you manage to root a weaker enemy and trap him in all your skills, this can easily lead to a KO. Ice King is also very good at escaping. You can use Q and W to keep enemies at bay and your E to move faster, however without his E, the Ice King is very lackluster at chasing down champions.

Additionally, Ice King's Q and W are very good for attacking while an enemy is hiding under a turret. His W and E can also easily kill swarms of creep waves, even earlier on in the game. If you manage to bring your minions to an enemy tower as power-specced Ice King, you can do quick damage to the tower with his W and E, but using E on the tower takes away your only means of escape once the enemy arrives to save their tower or to avenge it.

Strategy, Spooky Ace Style[edit | edit source]

So ice king can be played in two (three if you count half-n-half) ways, mostly AP or AD. In general terms, however, ice king is a disabler/wizard who does lots of DoT, with helpful slows and roots to boot. His Q deals good damage and is arguably the best single-target setup for more combos. It scales nicely and landing one almost always results in an easy kill. His W can be used for additional damage with a rooted or slowed foe, to help an ally escape, to slow an enemy, to push lanes, to zone out enemies... It's really good and multipurpose. Great teammates are PepBut, Lemongrab, and Rattleballs.

As for AD ice king, this build relies primarily on using his absolutely INSANE attack speed in order to do great damage on enemies. Typically in this build, because his powers do not do quite as much damage, they are used quite constantly to slow, root, or speed up IK to get within attacking range. A teamfight might start with a W to help you land a Q, which is chained into autoattacks. If stuff gets bad, use your E, which can be used both as an escape and a chasing move. Ice king being a wizard in the show can really throw off people's expectations, so this build also has some psychological basis. This build is more of a carry build, as you can't really farm the small camps that well, which are always important to a team (get someone else to do it). My favorite backpack for this build is billy's as it has lots of damage, armor pierce, move speed, crit chance, and MORE attack speed.

As for AP, you'll typically want a backpack like NUWW, getting as much damage as possible. I like to go with 0/4/0/2/4, as the 2 in shield covers for the drop from the potion. Gameplay-wise, you'll want to start engagements with a Q, followed by a W and an E if it's a teamfight and other people are nearby. Your E does incredible damage late game, so be sure to use it if it is necessary to get a kill. Because of the difficult nature of the chaining in this build, an inexperienced player might want to have a teammate slow or root the enemy first. Always use your W to farm the small camps, as it can completely clear one for 20 gems late game.

Anti-character combat is as follows:

  • Beemo. Beemo isn't really that much of a threat thanks to recent nerfs, but his movement speed allows him to more easily evade your skillshots, so I recommend that you start up with a W or get your team to do something.
  • Finn. Finn has a dash, so he can dodge your Q, but that actually puts him at a disadvantage, as you can chain your other 2 skills without having to worry about it. Teammates here help lots, because they can come in when he uses his dash, making quick work of him.
  • Fionna. Most Fionna players don't use their dash to dodge, however, they will charge you with it. Try to use your q between their jumps or before they get to you, as the slow from it can be devastating. Keep her out of melee range and you'll be fine. Your DoT can do lots of work against her E, as she will drop immediately as it fades.
  • FP. As fire and ice, FP poses a real problem with long range, a crippling hex, and a fast dash. Be very careful of her W, as it spells death for you. Avoid her skillshots and 'Q' her when she ults. Keep damage on her and she'll drop rather quickly.
  • Gunter. As Spartacus once did with his master, so does the slave penguin when offered the chance to rebel against his king. Try to stay away, but if he makes the mistake of coming close with his dash, DO NOT RUN. Drop EVERYTHING you have on him, and he should die before you do.
  • Ice King. See the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs.
  • Jake the Dogg. If you're AD, wait till he Q's, then drop your W-Q combo and autoattack. As for AP players, walk right up and chain everything.
  • Earl of Lemongrab. Only engage him in a teamfight setting, as everything he has can counter you.
  • LICH! Careful for his W, and Q him before he can Q and run. Follow up with whatever damage you're building.
  • LSP. Don't get feared, and deal with her like she's a normal enemy. If you're running from her, you can use your E, but be wary of giant cellphones smashing all of your internal organs to mush.
  • MAGIC MAN. Magic man is scary with all of his things, beware of him. If he's exhausted of cooldowns, chain your stuff and stay out of his attack range.
  • Marceline. See MAGIC MAAAAAAAAAN.
  • PepBut. If you land your q, you know what to do! If you missed, however, RUN.
  • Pringles Lady. Mostly harmless.
  • Rattleballs. Make sure you're not too focused on attacking him that you let him attack you. DO NOT LET HIM NEAR YOU.

Recommended Backpacks[edit | edit source]

The following build orders have been found to work well with Ice King; the first part indicates the build order, the second part indicates the end result (assuming all 10 levels have been reached):