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Hunson Abadeer

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Hunson Abadeer
Health 350 (+35)  Attack Damage 40 (+4)  Walk Speed 2.85
Armor 10 (+1) Power Damage 50 (+3) Aggro Range 2.5
Shield 30 (+2) Attack Speed 1600 Attack Range 1.5
HP Regen 3 (+2) Crit Chance 0

Hunson Abadeer is a ranged champion whose main role is wizard and whose secondary role is fighter.

Powers[edit source]

Icon hunson passive.png



Auto-attacking a target with any status effect grants 40% ATTACK SPEED and 0.8 MOVE SPEED for 5 seconds. This will not activate on KO hits. Also, Hunson starts with 20 POWER VAMP.

Icon hunson s1.png


Evil Hand

Over the next 6 seconds, throw up to 3 projectiles that PULL and SLOW by 10% for 2 seconds and does 25 + (50% of Power Damage). Multiple hits against the same target deals 100%/30%/10% damage. Auto-attacks and powers can be used between casts.

Cooldown: 15.0s

Icon hunson s2.png


Fear Face

Short range AoE FEAR (2 sec.) & 20 + (30% of Power Damage) per second for 1.5 seconds.

Cooldown: 20.0

Icon hunson s3.png


Soul Suck

Large AoE dealing 65 + (50% of Power Damage) per second for 3.5 seconds. Hunson gains 50% ARMOR and 45% POWER VAMP buff for the duration of the power.

Cooldown: 60.0



Strategy[edit | edit source]


Counters[edit | edit source]

Strong Against[edit | edit source]

All Melee champions that rely on basic attacks to deal out damage.His w/fear makes it REALLY hard for them to land hits on them

Weak Against[edit | edit source]


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