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Flame Princess

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Flame portrait.png Flame Princess
Health 350 (+35)  Attack Damage 30 (+4)  Walk Speed 2.85
Armor 10 (+1) Power Damage 60 (+3) Aggro Range 5
Shield 30 (+2) Attack Speed 1800 Attack Range 6.5
HP Regen 2 (+1) Crit Chance 0

Flame Princess is a ranged champion whose main role is wizard and whose secondary role is ninja.

Powers[edit source]

Icon flame passive.png


Scatter Fire

After Flame Princess uses a Power, her next basic attack will set her opponent on fire (20 + 35% of Power Damage / sec.) for a short time (3 sec.).

Icon flame s1.png


Flame Blast

Flame Princess throws a fiery projectile that does (25 + 50% of Power Damage) damage on hit and bursts into a fan of flames behind the target, doing 120% of the initial damage to enemies in the area.

Cooldown: 12.0s

Icon flame s2.png


Flambit Polymorph

Flame Princess calls down fire onto a targeted area, damaging (50 + 30% of Power Damage) any enemies caught in the blast. Enemy Champions hit are MORPHED (3 sec.) into Flambits. Flambits can't attack or use powers and are SLOWED (15% for 3 sec.), but can still move around and will damage (50 + low Power Damage / sec.) their nearby allies.

Cooldown: 20.0

Icon flame s3.png


Blazing Inferno

Flame Princess transfoms into a Blazing Inferno doing massive damage (75 + 50% of Power Damage / sec.) to nearby foes. In this form, she can move, attack and use other powers and can also Dash up to 3 times by pressing E again. Blazing Inferno will last 5 seconds or until the 3rd Dash is used, whichever comes first.

Cooldown: 60.0


Dungeoneering Flame

Flame skin dungeoneering icon.png

500 coins

Ready to have a good time in a dungeon


Strategy[edit | edit source]

Flame Princess is a wizard high burst potential and very long range. She has the longest-range spells and attack range in the game but also has the slowest attack speed as well has low mobility (without ultimate).

  • Her early game altar rush is very strong. She can damage many people with her AOE magic damage and clean up with her Blazing Inferno.
  • She has the lowest amount of health in the game other than Gunter, but she doesn't have a low-cooldown dash, so make sure you position her correctly.
  • She is best in the backline, nuking champions with her flame blast and doing extra damage with her passive. This makes positioning a little tricky.
  • Make sure you auto-attack after using a spell to proc her passive. It may be the key to securing a kill after someone has got away.
  • Her Flambit Polymorph a strong spell due to its high damage and polymorph but has a fairly long cast time, making you vulnerable to slows and stuns.
  • Her main damage source is her spells, which have high cooldowns, so make sure you use them wisely and play defensively when they're not available.

Counters[edit | edit source]

Strong Against[edit | edit source]

  • Gunter: FP is one of the only people who has higher range than Gunter. Each spell takes away about half of his health and he can't dash away from your ult, which has three dashes.
  • Marceline: You can usually hit her with your spells since she can't dash away, and if she roots you, you can still use your spells to damage her and occassionally keep her away.
  • Sir Rattleballs: He usually can't catch you (3 dashes beats 2), and he usually can't counter your basic attacks since you don't use them much. If he gets in your face, activate your ult to burn his gumballs or use your Flambit Polymorph so he can't attack.

Weak Against[edit | edit source]

  • Finn: Finn can dash at you and auto attack you for half your health, and if you hit him with your Flambit Polymorph, he has a stun that last even longer so you can't get away. He is also tanky enough to withstand some of your spells.
  • Magic Man: When he silences you, he can get close and deal free damage on you. Plus, he can easily decoy away from all your spells and chunk you with his auto attacks.
  • Peppermint Butler: Everytime you use a spells, a good PepBut will her his stun to dodge it and get up on you. Plus, when he is in his ult form, he is hard to hit with your spells and can easily chase you down.

Recommended Backpacks[edit | edit source]

The following build orders have been found to work well with Flame Princess; the first part indicates the build order, the second part indicates the end result (assuming all 10 levels have been reached):