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Fionna portrait.png Fionna
Health 500 (+50)  Attack Damage 50 (+5)  Walk Speed 2.65
Armor 20 (+1) Power Damage 15 (+2) Aggro Range 4
Shield 10 (+1) Attack Speed 1500 Attack Range 1.5
HP Regen 2 (+1) Crit Chance 0

Fionna is a melee champion whose main role is fighter and whose secondary role is tank.

Powers[edit source]

Icon fionna passive.png



Fionna does more Attack Damage and Power Damage as her health drops. The less health she has, the more damage she does; up to an 80% bonus when at 1% max health. Tenacious bonus damage does not affect structures (Towers and Bases).

Icon fionna s1.png


Blade Rush

Fionna dashes forward and slashes enemies. Blade Rush can be used 3 times in succession before going on cooldown. Each dash can be in a different direction; the first two do damage (20 + 30% of Power Damage) in a small area, while the final slash hits a larger area and SLOWS (50% for 1 sec.) enemies. If Fionna doesn't hit anything with any of the dashes, her Blade Rush cooldown is reduced by 30%.

Cooldown: 14.0s

Icon fionna s2.png


Fierce / Fearless

Fionna can TOGGLE between Fierce and Fearless. Fierce slowly drains Fionna's health (2%/sec., can't go below 1) to boost Move Speed (20%) and Attack Speed (20%). Fearless slowly heals (1%/sec.) Fionna while granting bonus Armor (30%) and Shields (30%).

Cooldown: 5.0

Icon fionna s3.png



For 6 seconds, Fionna cannot be KO'ed. She can still take damage and suffer other effects (BLIND, STUN, etc.) but can not go below 1 health.

Cooldown: 90.0


Ball Gown Fionna

Fionna skin ballgown icon.png

1250 coins

Have a ball in Fionna's party dress

PJ Fionna

Fionna skin pj icon.png

500 coins

Vanquish your enemies in absolute comfort

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Fionna is a nimble character capable of dealing high amounts of damage. Invincible! combined with Fearless will allow Fionna players to output large amounts of damage, even when on the verge of death. She Excels in the jungle, but laning remains a viable option.

General[edit | edit source]

Fionna has a weak early game until roughly level 3.

Her starting attack speed is too low to successfully trade with high-CC characters such as Jake. It is possible to win early trades by carefully spacing out your dashes from Blade Rush. In most early trade cases, you should look to position yourself next to your opponent with a dash, auto attack, and repeat once more before using your last dash to hop out of range of your opponent.

After level 3, Fionna takes the role of an assassin by using her mobility to pin down mages and other squishy targets in the back. Her AOE slow from Blade Rush combined with the bonus attack speed from fearless and backpack stats allow her to deal large amounts of damage with relative ease. In teamfights, Invincible! is an invaluable tool.Players should attempt to avoid using the skill until the last moment to get maximum usage out of the six seconds of invulnerability.

Invincible! can act as an excellent bait tool by getting opponents to drop valuable crowd-control and damage effects, only to have their efforts prove fruitless when Fionna activates her ultimate. In late game teamfights, Fionna should hang to either side of the fight and look for picks. Wait for an enemy to use a major form of crowd control or escape before dashing in using Blade Rush to punish your opponent. Switch to Fearless to maximize your damage output against your enemy, as any damage they attempt to return will be converted into bonus attack speed for yourself. From here, a Fionna can either pursue her opponent and finish them off, or turn and help her team deal with any enemies that may have jumped them. Your general goal in teamfights is to draw as much attention as possible while still doing damage; While Fionna does possess great survivability, taking too much damage or getting hit by too much crowd control will prevent you from doing enough return damage to be effective in a fight.

Late game, Fionna's attack speed makes her a terror in tower-pushing and siege situations.

Jungle[edit | edit source]

In the Jungle, Fionna's natural attack speed boost in Fierce, along with the bonus healing from Fearless, allows her to clear the jungle quickly while also allowing her to remain in the jungle for extended periods of time. The mobility from Blade Rush allows Fionna to quickly jump from camp to camp, and its finishing slow and potential to jump over walls makes it a potent gank tool. A Fionna can outflank her opponents or join the fight quickly by jumping over jungle walls.

Counters[edit | edit source]

Strong Against[edit | edit source]

  • Lemongrab: His slow-casting skillshots are extremely easy to dodge if you use your dashes right. Dance around his abilities and make sure you apply the slow from your 3rd Q to quickly assassinate him.
  • Magic Man: When utilizing your abilites well, you can run away from or chase Magic Man even after he uses his decoy. Plus, his silence is less effective on you, since you rely on auto-attacks.
  • Rattleballs: Fionna is one of the few fighters who can beat Rattleballs in a 1v1 situation due to her attack speed steroid, slow, and her ult.

Weak Against[edit | edit source]

  • Beemo: Extremely hard matchup, his skills are hard to dodge, his blind nullifies many of your attacks, and can keep you slowed so you can't run away after you ult.
  • Flame Princess: This matchup could be good for you if you can dodge her abilites with your dashes, but if FP can hit her spells, she can CC and burst you down hard, and her ignite can kill you after you use your ult unless you have enough regeneration.
  • Princess Bubblegum: Has a slow, a turret for area control, huge knockback with her ult is too much to dodge with only 3 dashes. Plus, her high damage at high range makes her capable of kiting and harassing you.

Recommended Backpacks[edit | edit source]

The following build orders have been found to work well with Fionna; the first part indicates the build order, the second part indicates the end result (assuming all 10 levels have been reached):

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fionna is the Ice King's gender-swapped version of Finn and has been featured in several episodes.