Cinnamon Bun

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Cinnamon Bun
Health 650 (+55)  Attack Damage 45 (+4)  Walk Speed 2.8
Armor 20 (+1) Power Damage 20 (+2) Aggro Range 4
Shield 20 (+2) Attack Speed 1600 Attack Range 1.8
HP Regen 2 (+1) Crit Chance 0

Cinnamon Bun is a melee champion whose main role is fighter and whose secondary role is trapper.

Powers[edit source]

Icon cinnamonbun passive.png


Perfect Sandwich

Using a power heals CB for 5% of his total health

Icon cinnamonbun s1.png


Lance Strike

A lance strike in a medium sized area near CB that does (40 + 70% of Power Damage). This is a quick, low cooldown power. Resets auto-attack timer.

Cooldown: 6.5s

Icon cinnamonbun s2.png


Sticky Slide

Dash, creating a trail of sticky frosting for 5 seconds. Opponents who touch the frosting are slowed by 20 + (1*level)% for 2 + (0.1 * level) seconds and does (10 + 40% of Power Damage) per second.

Cooldown: 15.0

Icon cinnamonbun s3.png


Ring of Frosting

Place up to 2 rings that do AoE damage, with a final burst after 5.5 seconds or can be activated by a final press of E. These 2 rings can be placed on top one another to make a larger ring with 2x range and 1.5x damage. CB can run into the ring to get a 20% buff to ATTACK SPEED & ATTACK DAMAGE. Does 50 + (40% of power damage) per second.

Cooldown: 55.0



Strategy[edit | edit source]


Counters[edit | edit source]

Strong Against[edit | edit source]


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Recommended Backpacks[edit | edit source]

Cinnamon Bun's Builds are very diverse some pure ad and others power and hybrid.

Trivia[edit | edit source]