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Billy portrait.png Billy
Health 600 (+50)  Attack Damage 65 (+5)  Walk Speed 2.8
Armor 20 (+1) Power Damage 20 (+3) Aggro Range 5
Shield 15 (+2) Attack Speed 1800 Attack Range 1.5
HP Regen 2 (+1) Crit Chance 0

Billy is a melee champion whose main role is fighter and whose secondary role is tank.

Powers[edit source]


Hero Power

After using 2 Powers, Billy's next Power has a bonus effect.


Amber Prison

Billy punches his enemies, KNOCKING BACK and damaging (25 + 70% of Power Damage) all enemies hit. If Billy's passive is charged, it also STUNS (2 seconds).

Cooldown: 10.0s


Ground Pound

Billy leaps to a target area, dealing damage (65 + 50% of Power Damage). If Billy's passive is charged, it also grants Billy an 80% move speed bonus and a 70% attack speed bonus for 4 seconds. Billy is still limited to the 2 attacks per second rule during this bonus.

Cooldown: 12.0



Billy drops a sword at a location a set distance away from him, doing damage in an area (175 + 60% of Power Damage). If Billy's passive is charged, the sword persists for 4.5 seconds, dealing damage ((175 + 60% of Power Damage) / 2) every 0.5 seconds. Multiple hits scale damage down by number of hits.

Cooldown: 54.0



Strategy[edit | edit source]


Counters[edit | edit source]

Strong Against[edit | edit source]


  • Marceline- He has a variety of ways to dodge her ult. You can jump away from her channel and if you get hit with her snare then and she tries to ult you can use your q to knock her away ,canceling it.

Weak Against[edit | edit source]


Recommended Backpacks[edit | edit source]

The following build orders have been found to work well with Billy; the first part indicates the build order, the second part indicates the end result (assuming all 10 levels have been reached):

Trivia[edit | edit source]

TO BE ADDED (aggro range, armor_level, regen_level, pictures, shield_level, skins)