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Battle Lab

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Summary[edit | edit source]

The first playable map for Battle Party, it consists of six towers and a base, 3 and 1 for each team respectively. Three altars are set on the map to be captured for both points and buffs with one in the middle and the other two on the north-east and south-west corners of the map. Two boss monsters are available, the Goo Monster and Kee-Oth, which give your team a buff and award 25 and 50 points respectively when defeated. There are also 4 jungle camps in the middle of the map that spawn more frequently and can be farmed more easily. There are also 6 health pick ups called Cyclopes' Tears which restore a certain amount of hit points when walked over.

The goal of the map is to either reach the time limit with the most points or to push towers down so that you may attack the enemy base. This leads to a variety of strategies that players can implement to win the match.

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Altars[edit | edit source]

Altars will give you a buff to make you a little bit stronger the one in the middle of the map gives you an attack buff, while the other two give defense buffs for one minute. They also give you some points for your team. Stand on them for 5 seconds to capture them (More team mates will speed up the capturing process). After an altar is captured, it cannot be captured before 2 minutes for top and bottom altars, and 3 minutes for center altar. 

Cyclopes Tears[edit | edit source]

These pickups restore a certain amount of health immediately then more health after a certain time. They spawn at 13:30 and respawn 60 seconds after being picked up. Keep an eye on the tears as they can often mean the difference between surviving an attack or dying and giving away your jungle to the enemy. 

Jungle Monsters[edit | edit source]

In the jungle there are neutral monsters that the players can k/o for points. There are 4 camps in total centered around the middle of the map with 2 flying camps that contain 3 monsters and 1 single camp that only contains 1. The flying camps have 2 monsters worth 5 points and 1 worth 10 totaling 20 points while the single camp is worth 15 points. All of these camps spawn into the game at 14:15 and will respawn 45 seconds after a full clear.

Jungle Bosses[edit | edit source]

The Goo Monster and Kee-Oth have higher hp and damage which means soloing them without a Meta-Science Sack can be quite tricky. They reward important buffs along with a decent amount of points and therefore control of these monsters can be crucial for victory. The buffs and points each monster gives is as follows:

The Goo Monster provides your team with a 60 second speed boost buff and yields 25 points. (90* second respawn timer immediately after killed)

Kee-Oth provides your team with an additional 60 second buff which gives critical strike chance, attack drain and power drain while granting 50 points. (120* second respawn timer immediately after being killed (2 minutes) )